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-Multi-step scientific way of cleaning & disinfecting Water storage tanks.
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-Water tank cleaning of any capacities

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Our ideal cleaning process:
1. Mechanized Dewatering of WST
Manhole and surroundings are cleaned off dirt, mud and algae. Excess water is drained out & flushed straight into the drainage system.

2.Sludge Removal
Removal of sludge lying on the bottom of WST through special Sludge Pumps.

3. High pressure cleaning
At this stage the complete tank is thoroughly cleaned right from the ceiling, the walls & the floor, highly mechanized rotary jet from Germany is used to remove dirt, algae, mosses, bacteria & calcinations.

4. Vacuum Cleaning
Vacuum cleaning of the floor of WST through Industrial Vacuum Cleaners.

5. Anti-bacterial Spray
The tanks are made totally sterile from bacteria using Anti- bacterial Spray an approved by government.

6. UV Radiation
The tank is also exposed to Ultra-Violet radiations so as to kill any suspended bacteria adhering to the walls of the tank.